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San Jorge Ladies

Las Liebres Sturla won the San Jorge Ladies Tournament against Reidocaviar

Story by Alexis Ruffat Photo by Poloconsult

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On Monday, September 9th, the Cathedral of Polo in Palermo, Buenos Aires opened its doors for the final of the 5th San Jorge Ladies Open, presented by ReidoCaviar, hosted by the San Jorge Equestrian Military Club and organized by Poloconsult in collaboration with Patricia Panzarasa.

The Pallarols Cup, which opposed Las Liebres Sturla with Clelia Hares Crespo (4), Sol Lopez Llames (3), Maria Papini (2) and Carolina Gedge (1) and San Jorge ReidoCaviar with Guadalupe Strada (3), Maria Luz Gedge(3) Cristina Gedge (2) and Cecilia Gedge (0) was won by Las Liebres Sturla Team.

A few minutes before the start of the game, the player Guadalupe Strada (3) had a condition that prevented her from entering the field, and she must have been replaced by Patricia Panzarasa (0), with a difference of handicap. The results were always in favour of Las Liebres Sturla, which is already a team with excellent play and a good communication. After feeling better, Guadalupe Strada could enter the field and immediately scored a goal, which was not enough to reach the opposing team. Final referee: Jaime Oubiña.

The award ceremony was presented by M. Jorge Apa, the president of the San Jorge Equestrian Military Club San Jorge, and players were awarded with prizes Spirit of Polo, Reidocaviar, Escorihuela Gascón, Prego, PoloTop, Logi, Equidiet and Aspen Hotels. At the end of the afternoon and under the sunset, the 300 people who attended the tournaments enjoyed the closing party.

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