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Enviro Equine & PET Launches New Revolutionary Product, Bone+



Austin, TX - July 9, 2018 - Adding to its already extensive line of animal health products, Enviro Equine & PET is thrilled to unveil Bone+, the newest addition that promises to help build bone density and maximize soft tissue health through tendon and ligament support. An ideal product for performance horses in competition or rehabilitation, the ingredients in Bone+ are research-proven to promote bone matrix, cartilage and connective tissue development, the cornerstones of health for competitive equines. Bone+ begins its pre-sale July 7, 2018, and will be added to the full roster in August. You already feed your horse the best to keep him healthy in every other way; don't you owe it to him to keep his foundation strong, too?



"I am so excited to launch the new Bone+ product, as it will be a huge benefit to many of our loyal customers and their horses," said Angela Brackett, Marketing and Sales Director of Enviro Equine & PET. "Maintaining healthy bones and collagen is an integral part of preparing horses for any type of strenuous work, and this new option is an all-natural way to keep horses' foundations strong and help support them to work injury free for longer. Bone+ is a perfect complement to our other products that support the gastrointestinal and immune systems in addition to the coat and skin."

Connective tissue health is an integral component of performance horse success, because without strong bone, tendons and ligaments, competitive longevity is at risk. Independent research has shown that when fed bioavailable silicon, which is research-proven to support bone cell and collagen production, horses can compete longer without incurring injury when compared to unsupplemented controls. A source of silicic acid, the most bioavailable form of silicon on the market today, Bone+ supports your performance horse's soft tissue and bone health during both competition and rehabilitation. The dietary silicon that is a major component of the liquid supplement is involved in formation of the collagen matrix as well as its mineralization, playing a vital role in ensuring connective tissue health. 

Offered in an easy-to-administer liquid, it is recommended that Bone+ is given daily in a syringe. During the first 60 days of administering and times of high stress, the 1mL recommended amount can be doubled to ensure even greater support. Available in an 8.3-ounce bottle, Bone+ is the perfect size for horses and owners on the go, easy to pack into a tack trunk for travel.

To be one of the first to take advantage of Enviro Equine & PET's newest offering, make sure to place your pre-sale order before the end of July! Even better, the animal lovers at Enviro Equine & PET are offering $5 off a bottle Bone+ if you place your order by the end of the month.

To learn more about Enviro Equine & PET and its complete line of products, please visit www.enviroequine.com